Welcome gift ideas for new tenants

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Welcome gift ideas for new tenants

As a property owner or landlord, it can be a fun and beneficial idea to provide welcome gifts for your new tenants. Leaving a gift inside their apartment or home on the counter for when they move in is a good way to gain their appreciation and trust. The gifts can range from useful items to fun things that your residents will enjoy. Here are some gift ideas you could leave for your new residents:

Gift Ideas

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Non-destructive wall mounts (Command or Scotch Mounting Putty)
  • A selection of room deodorizers
  • Fun Gifts
  • Puzzles
  • A fruit and chocolate basket
  • Gourmet coffee sampler
  • Ice cream left in the freezer with a note on the door
  • A couple of nice towels in the master bedroom or bathroom
  • On move-in day, have a pizza delivered to them with a note saying it’s from the management

There are many appropriate gifts that can be given to new tenants in a rental property. First, it’s a good idea to get to know the tenants. Ask basic questions about all the proposed tenants. Engage the would-be tenant in conversation about their children or their job, etc. Once you have some basic information, you can consider what gift ideas best suit the tenants.

The best ideas are designed to fit the tenants, but if you cannot pinpoint information beyond what is on the application, give a general gift like white cotton towels or cleaning supplies. Most tenants will appreciate your efforts to reach out and your relationship will start out on a good note.

Keep the gift or gifts within a specific price point. A good estimate is about 1/10th of the first week’s rent. If the month’s rent is $1,000, look for a gift of around $25. Try to look for gifts that are gender-neutral, especially if both men and women are moving in.

The best welcoming gifts are disposable or edible. Avoid giving gifts that will not be utilized right away. Food can be eaten, cleaning and other supplies can be put to good use immediately.

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to create good, lasting relationships with your tenants. If the tenants know you care, they will take better care of your property and be more generally respectful to you. At Real Property Management Evolve, good manager-tenant relationships are of major importance. We can help you manage your rental properties while keeping you and your residents happy!

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