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We are the complete property management solution for the serious investor

"Our philosophy is simple. We provide full service property management for one flat monthly fee. From marketing your property and placing quality tenants, to managing ongoing repairs and providing monthly financial reporting, we are a one-stop-shop. Most importantly, we value transparency and honesty in all that we do. On behalf of the family here at RPM, we look forward to serving you."

- Katie Ohlund, Director of Operations

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Maximize the return on your investment

We are data-driven managers that know how to maximize the value of your property
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Maximize Rent

Our team will conduct a market analysis unique to your property and give you expert pricing advice.
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Avoid Vacancies

We’ll take high-quality photos, market your property on the top performing rental sites and turn your investment into someone's home quickly.
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Retain Tenants

Vacancies and turnovers are expensive. We will help you navigate the end of lease cycle with proactive market analysis and expert advice.
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Hassle-Free Repairs

Maintenance done your way. Utilize our in-house crew, preferred vendors, or vendors of your choice. We let you handle maintenance your way!

Everything you need, for one flat monthly fee

Real estate investing can be complex and unpredictable. Your property management shouldn't amplify that complexity, which is why we believe in a simple and transparent pricing model. Full service property management for one flat monthly fee.

When working with RPM Evolve there are no upfront fees. We will market your property, place a tenant and collect the first month's rent before you are charged anything. If you don't get paid, we don't get paid. With our clear and transparent pricing you can enjoy certainty in your cash flow and avoid hidden fees.

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Fair and transparent pricing.
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No upfront fees.
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No marketing fees.
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No setup fees.

We place tenants quickly, without sacrificing quality

Our leasing team completes a thorough examination of every applicant before selecting a resident
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Credit check
Comprehensive credit analysis with minimum credit scores
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Criminal history
Don't rent to anyone with recent criminal history or felony charges
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Identity check
Know the exact identity of the resident occupying your home
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Income verification
Verified income sources through personal bank deposit statements or paycheck stubs
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Eviction history
Check for prior evictions and housing judgements
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Control your investment with digital monthly reporting

Our digital portal takes the hassle and the paperwork out of managing your rental properties. When you lease with RPM Evolve, you'll be able to access everything you need from any device anywhere in the world.

  • Monitor your portfolio from any computer or mobile device
  • Access to all financial reporting, tax documents, inspections, and more
  • View leases, inspection reports, and other property documents
  • Receive your distributions electronically each month
  • Make electronic contributions to your trust account

Our numbers speak for themselves

15 Days
Average time to place a tenant
Eviction rates
Occupancy rate
Rent collected
All data based upon calendar year 2022.

What sets us apart from other property management companies

When looking for a property management company to oversee your real estate investment, you want one that is familiar with the Phoenix rental market. As a Phoenix property management company, we’re the go-to solution for any real estate investor who needs local support to manage their investment property. Our on-site team has over 15 years of experience marketing properties, sourcing qualified renters, and managing the entire rental process from end to end. Here are a few reasons why RPM Evolve stands above other property management solutions.

Over 15 years of property management experience

As an established property management company, we know the local Phoenix rental market and how to prevent issues that commonly arise when renting a home to someone you’re unfamiliar with. Your rental property is likely one of your biggest assets, and you don’t want to risk handing it over to someone who won’t care for your property like you do. We undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure you get a reputable tenant and minimize the risk of any headaches.

With our significant experience in property management, you’ll have a team of qualified professionals who can advise you on critical issues. For example, we can help you price your property according to other homes in your area and ensure it undergoes a thorough inspection before giving the keys to a new tenant. Rather than putting your property in the hands of someone inexperienced, you’ll gain access to a team of professionals who understand the Phoenix rental market from the perspective of both a tenant and a landlord.

We are 100% local

Did you know that many of the major players in the Phoenix property management sector aren’t based in the Phoenix area? They serve clients around the country and because of this, they may be unavailable to check in on your tenants locally or address an immediate issue. When you work with a local company like RPM Evolve, your tenants don’t need to wait days for a response when they encounter a problem. We’re just a quick drive away from your Phoenix property, and we take a hands-on approach to dealing with issues.

As a local property management company, we’re highly familiar with Phoenix’s neighborhoods and rental market. We know how to competitively price your rental to attract clients. When priced correctly your property won’t sit empty for months at a time, and you won’t need to worry about unrealistic rental prices that drive clients away. Additionally, we have a local in-house team of repair technicians to ensure any problems get resolved quickly and at a fair cost to you.

We are family-owned

Many large-scale property management companies oversee tens of thousands of properties. While your rental property is probably one of your largest assets, it's just another number to them. Unless you own hundreds of properties, they’re unlikely to remember your name. When you contact such a company, you won’t receive the personalized attention you’re seeking. Instead, you’ll likely speak with a customer service agent who will need to dig through a computer database to understand who you are and what property you own. It’s a little like calling your bank; you’ll sit on hold for a while, only to reach an agent who probably won’t understand what you need.

As a family-owned property management company, we pride ourselves on forming strong connections with our clients. When you call us, we know who you are and can directly answer your inquiries. You won’t waste time waiting on hold only to receive a response that doesn’t address your needs. Putting your property in the hands of a family-owned business supports the local Phoenix economy and ensures your property receives the attention it deserves.

We are experienced investors

As real estate investors ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep your property rented to the right tenant. After all, if you don’t have a tenant you’ll probably be stuck covering the monthly mortgage payment on your own. Unrented properties can hinder your investment goals, forcing you to cover costs for months with no money coming in. Of course, you don’t want to turn your property over to anyone who applies. You need someone you can trust to pay the rent and take care of your investment. A poorly maintained property can eat up thousands of dollars in repair costs -- money taken directly from any profits you receive. In the worst cases, you may be forced to take the property off the market for weeks or months to sort out the repairs before the home is livable again.

Our property management solution ensures you correctly price your rental according to the local market, and we work hard to find qualified tenants you can trust to keep your investment in good shape. We’ll treat your property just like you would, with care and diligence.

What benefits can I expect from hiring RPM Evolve?

A real estate investor can take one of two paths when renting a property to tenants: self-managed property management or hiring a qualified property management company. Self-management is time-consuming and often doesn’t yield the results you’re looking for. While the obvious advantage is saving money you’d pay to a property management company, you may make significant mistakes that can hamper your profits, like failing to market your property well, underpricing or overpricing, or renting to an unvetted tenant. You can expect the following advantages when you hire RPM Evolve to manage your Phoenix property.

Maximize rental income

Before listing your property on the rental market, we conduct a thorough market and property analysis to determine the right price. Our pricing model incorporates a broad array of factors, including nearby rental prices and the condition and amenities of your property. We seek to strike a balance in your rental pricing, ensuring that potential clients don’t find your property too expensive while avoiding the reduced profits that underpricing can bring. Our data-driven pricing recommendations will help you make the most of your investment property so you can reap the benefits of an accurately priced rental that will bring in quality tenants.

Tenant retention

The hallmark of an excellent rental property is low turnover. After all, a tenant who likes your place just as much as you do is less likely to leave once their lease ends. Rather than packing up all their stuff and moving, they’ll sign on for another year or two with your property. Less frequent turnover means you won’t incur the ongoing costs of finding new tenants -- advertising, vetting applicants, cleaning expenses, and covering the mortgage while you look for a new renter. When you work with RPM Evolve, you’ll find it easier to retain your tenants. If a client decides to leave, we’ll proactively begin the search for a new one early so you experience fewer interruptions that could hurt your rental profits.

Quick placement of new tenants

A vacant rental is every investor’s worst nightmare. If no one signs a lease, you’ll be stuck with the mortgage payment until you find a new tenant. Fortunately, RPM Evolve makes it easy to quickly find the renter you’re looking for. Our property management solution includes high-quality photographs of your property, which we’ll use to advertise your available rental. We’ll take care to highlight the best features of your rental. Potential tenants are more likely to respond to an advertisement and schedule a tour if the photographs are enticing. We’ll also market your property on major rental websites. Our strategy ensures that your rental receives lots of attention and brings in quality tenants looking for a new place to live.

Flexible maintenance options

Your rental property will require upkeep to ensure it retains its beautiful appearance and doesn’t fall into disrepair. Our in-house team of repair technicians can tend to most of your repair and maintenance needs. Our team will ensure you get top-quality service that meets your standards. If our own team can’t provide the necessary services, we also work with a network of preferred vendors. These vendors are carefully selected and renowned for their expertise. They can handle nearly any repair or maintenance job your property requires. Some investors prefer to work with their own repair and maintenance team. If you have a designated crew that handles your property, that’s perfectly okay! You can hand over the job to them with no pushback from us. We’ll never try to sell a service when you already have a qualified maintenance team you trust.

Clear and transparent pricing

Many property management services don’t have clear pricing structures. You may find that you pay them much more than expected because they add additional fees you weren’t anticipating. With RPM Evolve, you never have to worry about being nickel and dimed. Our pricing is clear-cut in one flat monthly fee, so you know what you’ll pay for our services. We include in our flat fee structure essential aspects of the property rental process, such as photographing your rental and advertising it on various websites and all our consultations are free.

Thorough tenant screening

Our service includes a comprehensive tenant evaluation process. With our thorough client analysis, you can trust that only the best-qualified tenants receive a lease from you. You can worry less about renters who might not make their payments on time or who will cause unnecessary damage to your property.

Get started with RPM Evolve

Whether you’re a new investor putting your first rental property on the market or you have several rentals under your belt, finding the right property management company is crucial. Our services provide you with a comprehensive solution, from marketing your rental to managing your yearly financials. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you!

What our customers are saying

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Real Property Management Evolve has been an excellent choice for us, from getting our condo rented to repairs that needed done, they have made our experience as landlords a very worry-free one. It's tough to choose a management company to care for your property, especially when you live far away. Real Property Management Evolve has been an excellent choice for us, we feel they've earned every dime!
Nancy S.
Review sourced from Google
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I did not know what to expect from renting out my home, but Real Property Management Evolve has been great in helping me to rent out my home with ease and all the help and tools needed. I couldn't be any more satisfied with their service and the courtesy to answer my phone calls, emails, and questions. I'm at peace with renting out my home with this company.
Daniel H.
Review sourced from Yelp
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I am a homeowner and have been working with the team at Real Property Management Evolve for 4 years. They are a delight to work with and have always been strong advocates on my behalf. Great communication and timely with any requests on my part or that of the tenant. I am especially grateful to Marina and all that she does in relation to managing repairs and dealing with our tenants in a very professional manner.
Diana B.
Review sourced from Google
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Can't say enough about the Real Property Management Evolve staff! My job transferred me to Oregon and I needed to put my house up for rent very quickly. Contacting them was the best thing I could have done. They were able to get a good tenant in quickly. The fees are very reasonable and it is good to know my property is being taken care. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rent their property with peace of mind.
Customer photo
James D.
Review sourced from Google
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We have used a few other rental property management companies and I find that Real Property Management Evolve does the best job so far. They are very prompt, thorough and communicative with all aspects of the rental service. We especially thought Teresa from the leasing department did a great job for us. We don’t live near live out\r rentals, so having detail information communicated to us helped us much.
Customer photo
Kyong W.
Review sourced from Google
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I've had the pleasure of working with Teresa and the rest of the Real Property Management Evolve team for over a year now. As an out-of-state owner, I appreciate knowing that my investment is being well managed on a local level. Teresa is responsive, professional and very helpful. I recommend Real Property Management Evolve to any investor with properties to manage.
Customer photo
Julie R.
Review sourced from Yelp
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I highly recommend this company. I have dealt with many property managers in my day and the service and attention they give to their clients is outstanding. A very friendly office staff and repair requests are taken care of promptly by their team of maintenance professionals. I consider Real Property Management Evolve the best I have ever worked with.
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Jacques L.
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