Marketing Tips for vacant rental properties

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Marketing Tips for vacant rental properties

Rental property owners know that the key to a good ROI is having a high occupancy rate in your rental properties. Expenses for the most part stay the same regardless of the property being rented. That’s why it is key to have a solid marketing strategy in place, to effectively fill vacancies when they occur.

For the very best results, let the property management experts at RPMEVOLVE handle marketing efforts for you. Our team fills vacancies quickly. We market your home across a number of listing platforms in Phoenix and surround areas, respond to inquiries, and schedule showings.

However, if you are currently self-managing your investment property, here are a few tips that might help.

Pictures & Detailed Descriptions
Prospective tenants generally want to get a good idea of a rental home’s layout. They like to be able to see the general space as well as the more interesting details. High-quality pictures allow them to picture their belongings in the space, to envision their life there, and decide if it will work for them or not. It is also an opportunity for you to present the aesthetic of the property: making sure everything looks clean and up to date will draw tenants to your listing.

Create a Listing on Rental Advertising Websites and Apps
There are many free rental advertising websites and apps, so you should consider creating a listing on these sites. Most of these usually have millions of visitors every single day, so you will have the greatest chances of finding suitable tenants when you list vacancies on a separate app or website than your own. Apps and websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and even Craigslist can be very helpful in marketing your rental unit.

Spreading the word to your friends, family, community groups, or other close associates know, that you have a rental available is a fast and no-cost way to get the word out. Don’t underestimate the power of old fashioned word of mouth networking. People are generally happy to share opportunities with members of their own circles.

Rental Rates or Incentives
If your rental is still not getting much attention from qualified renters, check your rental rates to make sure they are competitive for the area of Phoenix in which your rental is located. If your rates are reasonable, consider offering an incentive or special offer like a reduced deposit, or a reduced rental rate to gain more attention and applications.

Marketing your rental properties can be a lot of work, so let us do it for you! Real Property Management Evolve has a team of trained professionals to effectively market your rental property and so much more.

Imagine the time you will save, and headaches you will avoid by letting our RPM EVOLVE property management team manage your:

  • Marketing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Rent Collection
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Financial Reporting
  • Evictions
  • Legal Guidance

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