Landscaping tips for your Phoenix rental property

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Landscaping tips for your Phoenix rental property

The exterior look of a home is very necessary to attract potential renters, to keep the tenants happy, and to keep the property value up. Most importantly, however, it sets the ambiance of the home and makes it feel welcoming. The ultimate goal of landscaping is to help homeowners achieve all of these. With the right landscaping, you are able to enhance the value of your home or increase the price of your rentals. In addition, you can easily find qualifying potential tenants.

However, when poorly done, landscaping mishaps can be a source of losses and an uncomfortable home environment. This is where professional landscapers are sometimes needed to help you improve the look of your rental property. An attractive front yard is not only good for attracting renters but also increases the value of your property.

So, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of landscaping to help you out:

The Do’s of Landscaping

1. Keep your landscaping simple: Keeping the environment safe is important, so help conserve the environment using eco-friendly landscaping designs. Keeping things simple is often your best bet to have a beautiful yard. If you install too many features or plant too many flowers, sometimes the home can be overwhelmed and it won’t be easy to look at.

2. Plant native or local shrubs: Look for flora and fauna that is native to the Phoenix area to be planted in your yard. Local and native plants will not only save you money but also preserve the biodiversity. The fact that they do not require supplemental watering, pesticides or too much fertilizer is also a major win for your budget.

Don’ts of Landscaping

1. Don’t over-pave your yard: Ideally, the yard is supposed to be green, so it is wise not to pave a lot as this will increase the runoff into the gutter and the ground. In fact, most neighborhoods discourage homeowners from overdoing the paving, but instead plant shrubs.

2. Do not stick to an existing layout: The good thing about plants is that you can replace them, unlike structures that can be extremely expensive to move or redesign. Be flexible to try out new and different designs or colors to help improve the overall look of your yard. However, you can also try to find a design or additions that fit your design and complement your existing exterior décor.

It is a challenge to find the best mix of landscaping options for a yard. As a property owner looking to spruce up your rental home and increase its value, you want to strike a balance between making your yard look attractive and the amount of investment you want to put in (in terms of maintenance).

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